I have never been one to travel without any plans. In the past years I’ve always made detailed itineraries and read a gazillion of reviews online before heading off to some place I’ve never been to before.  Not this time.

My initial plan really was to go to Sagada again. Though I’ve lived in this tropical country all my life, I’ve never been a fan of beaches. I don’t like the sun and getting baked in it, so that’s that. Anyway, the Sagada plans didn’t really pan out since my travel buddy got sick. Initially I thought.. heck, I’d go even if I’m by myself.. I can drive and if I get bored or tired (whichever comes first) I’ll just hang out in Baguio. I thought about it for half a day before deciding on looking at other places. I first checked out flights going to Cebu (it is Sinulog after all and I’ve never checked that one out)… the flights were either too late or too expensive so the decision was down to either Caticlan (Bora, woohoo!) or Puerto Princesa (I’ve always wanted to see the underground river).  Why Caticlan? I was going by myself and Bora always has a nightlife and lots of party people so it’ll be fun nonetheless. Puerto Princesa? Well, I’ve never been to Palawan and it’s always been on my To-Visit list.

After an hour deliberating this and that.. I eventually picked Puerto Princesa and decided I’ll go with my mom. A lil bummed out that there’s not going to be any partying or a night life (I am after all with my mom) but what the heck.. I love going to places I’ve never been to. The camera whore in me got excited at the prospect of taking a gazillion photos. A bit bummed out too at the fact that my DSLR battery died so I won’t be bringing that one.. I’ll have my Fuji camera instead.

Four hours before the flight. Oooh giddy. I seriously need this break.

I can’t wait to see this:

Taken from http://jomarlipon.blogspot.com