I had my first BlackBerry about 8 years ago, back when it was this big clunky thing with a monochrome screen. It was an office issued phone so I had no choice but to take it even when deep down I was thinking it was too stuffy.

Fast forward to 2011.

Because of work (again) I got myself a red Blackberry Torch and boy did I love it. I never really understood why people kept gushing about BBM until I got around to using it myself. With over 35 million people actively using the service with an astounding 2,000 new users every hour BBM now ranks as the world’s largest mobile social platform.

Below is a video that spoke to me… and I’m sure, to a lot of BlackBerry owners out there.


Here’s an infographic of how big BB and BBM is becoming… Check it out…

I love BBM, to recap, here’s why:

It tells me if someone has read my message and just chose to ignore me. Hah! No more denials and lies about “oh I didn’t get your message!”. Yeah right. My BBM tells me you’ve actually READ it already.

Unlike SMS where you’re billed for every SMS sent, for BBM I don’t have to pay for every message. My data plan is set and I can send a bazillion BBM messages all day and still be billed the same way. I can contact friends and family AROUND THE WORLD and not be charged an arm and a leg. Amaaaaazing.

I can attach pictures and send it to my friends easily. I can’t remember how many times I’ve taken a picture of shopping finds and shared it with my sister. Found an amazing bracelet.. click and send on bbm “hey, you want one of these too?”. Quick, easy, convenient. Attaching MMS or having a video call is too horrendous now… something I used to do all the time. Thank god for BBM.

Other things I love about it?
Groups. Having groups is actually very convenient especially when communicating with friends and family. Need to broadcast something important? Send to the entire group! That way, you don’t even have to worry about missing out on someone. Most of the time I use this when I’m going out on gimmicks with my friends… to send a message to the entire group that I’ll be.. uh.. late. Heh.

I love that there’s a status update as well. Kinda like in all Instant Messengers I suppose. BBM though is very convenient. With BBM, I don’t even log into my IMs anymore.. I use BBM. I update my status on BBM and everyone can see if I’m having a crappy day or an amazing one.

Profile Pics. You can’t do without one. I love updating my tiny little profile pic, it certainly adds charm and personality.

Anyhoo, I’ve been connected online for over 10 years, with so many (if not all) instant messenger accounts. I never thought I’d love anything more than IM but now I do. To me there is no doubt that BBM is one of the great features that keep people holding their BBs amid all the other smartphones out there. I am a believer and an advocate of this very addictive app.

Try it! Once you go black.. you never go back. Seriously.