Jumping off from my Day 1 entry

Day 2
April 29, 2007

The alarm rang at around 5:30AM. Yes, I am on vacation and yet I set my phone alarm 5:30AM… why? Meeting time of our Sagada group was at 7AM. Damn. It was gonna be a loooong fun-filled day. Wehehehe.

This time we hired a jeep for Php.700. The group (8 people including the four of us) met up at around seven thirtyish. The jeep passed by our main road to pick us up on the way to the drop-off point for the loooooooooooong hike.

Bomod-Ok “Big Falls” Trek
Trek to Big Falls offers a great view of the rice terraces
Guide Fee: Php. 600 / max of 10
Optional Vehicle: Php. 700
Time: 8:00AM

Upon arriving at the drop-off point, we got a spectacular view of the terraces we’d be walking through. From that standpoint, you’d see how FAR you’d be walking. Joseph pointed to the MOUNTAIN and said that the falls is somewhere OVER THERE.

Distance wasn’t really my problem.. however, realizing that we’d have to walk back UPHILL made me doubt my eagerness to trek haha! Anyway, it was fun.. lots of camwhore moments…

Note: Bring Sunblock for your body and face. Good thing Maggie brought some so while we were walking, we were putting on sunblock. Don’t wear your shades all the time because you might end up having tan circles around your eyes hehehe.

After an hour-or-so of trekking, we finally arrived at the Big Falls.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones that woke up early because there were already a lot of tourists taking a dip. Though the water’s icy cold, you really must take a dip for experience. I was hesitant at first but eventually I went in. Mapapamura ka sa lamig. Hahaha.

The more adventurous boys in our group looked for other places to check out. An interesting pool was located at the back of some of the big rocks on the left side of the falls (when you’re facing it). To get to the pool you’d have to literally crawl through a crevice between an upper and lower rock. If you’re afraid of heights and claustrophobic then you’d never make it through.. I almost didn’t haha.

Bryan was one of the first people in our group to head towards the hidden pool. Ngongerts talaga.. wrong grammar pa- katamad to change the pic so pagtiyagaan nyo na lang yan! There’s no other way! Hahaha!

I got through the crawling part but when I saw I’d have to CLIMB through a big-ass rock.. I decided to just sit pretty and wait for the rest of the gang hehe. I have an excuse! I didn’t want to slip and hit my big toe because of my toe nail injury in Sumaging Cave. Hehe.

Grace contemplating on life. This is where I waited for the group while they all had great camwhoring time. Boo-hoo.

We definitely had a GREAT TIME at the falls… we were all wet but our clothes dried up by the time we got back to the drop off point.

Notes: The rocks are pretty slippery because they’re slimey so be careful. If you’re wearing light-colored pants or shorts, avoid sitting or rubbing your ass against them. Bring water before trekking to the Big Falls because the trek back up will make you really thirsty… there are stores at the drop off point where you can buy mineral water. You can bring baon to the Big Falls and just have lunch there. Our group decided to just eat when we get back into town. There was a wedding by lunch and locals would be playing tunes and dancing to native music.


We went to see the wedding rituals and saw a bunch of locals playing music and dancing… it was pretty interesting. I don’t have any pictures though. Apparently, if you visit a wedding it’s customary for them to give you food… our guide, Joseph, called us and handed each one of us plastic bags with rice and meat (lechon I think). Since we couldn’t eat the food right then and there we decided to just meet up after lunch for the next activity.

We decided to try out Alfred’s Cabin for lunch (additional food for us hungry tourists hehe). It looked like a pretty nice place and it was recommended but we were very much disappointed. When we arrived we wondered if it was even open because we did not see a single waitress or anyone that would welcome us into the establishment. Nonetheless, we settled down at a nice table and waited. When the waitress finally arrived, she handed us the menu and told us the only available food were rice meals. Hmmm.. the menu was 8.5″ x 11″ back-to-back filled with sumptuous food but all we could order were rice meals which narrowed it down to 5 choices. Oh scratch that, the waiter informed us that the only meals available were chicken, pork, and fish. All of them fried. What the hell??!? What kind of restaurant would just offer FRIED food and that’s it? No sandwiches? No nothing? Ah well, we didn’t want to spend money on just fried meals and be limited to three choices so we decided to look for another place to eat.

We ate at Masferre’s Inn. It was a bit expensive when you think about it but hey, it was better than just having fried chicken, fried pork, and fried fish. Haha. Seriously, the food at Masferre’s was great.

Mt. Ampacao Trek via Lake Danuum
A trek at the mountain ranges overlooking Sagada and Besao
Guide Fee: Php. 600 / max of 10
Optional Vehicle: Php. 600
Time: 2:00PM

Our group met up with Joseph at about 2PM. Brian and Grace decided not to join the afternoon adventure (wink wink) so it was just Me, Bryan, Pau, Maggie, Archie and Arthur. We boarded the Jeep and then we were off to Lake Danuum.

Hmmm… Beautiful.

Well, okay fine.. when we got there I wasn’t really blown away but heck, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real lake before and I’d have to say that it was beautiful. The grass looked like it was a manicured lawn off a golf course!

It was at this spot that the jeep left us. :( He’ll be meeting us on the other side of the mountain (or wherever it is we were going to). Pakshet, I realized we’d be hiking and I have no water. We all didn’t have water! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Anyway, good thing I was wearing rubber shoes for this trek. It was like walking through a jungle… weeds, branches, bugs… everywhere. We walked, climbed, slid, and god-knows-what… we didn’t even know where we were going. Joseph was very good.. he didn’t exactly tell us how far we’d be walking otherwise we might have acted like bratty tourists and cancelled the trek. Haha!

Here’s a photo collage of our trek to Mt. Ampacao:

And finally… we reach the top.

We were literally amongst the clouds. There was a time when the place suddenly fogged up… it was because a cloud was passing by. Grabe! Nice nice niiiice view from the top. Too bad we didn’t catch the sunset because it was too cloudy.

By six we headed back down to meet the jeep and have them drop us off at the Yoghurt House.

‘Twas another great day.