Serendra is one of our (office-mates) fave lunch places. Good food, good place, available parking. It was the usual Friday lunch-out and this time we finally got to try Miss Desserts.

We’ve been craving for Miss Desserts for months but we never seem to catch it open. As with most of the places at Serendra, Miss Dessert opens after lunch. While we were contemplating on where to get dessert, I suggested that we try and pass by Miss Dessert and see if it’s open and luckily, it is! No Friday-the-thirteenth bad luck for me! Hehe.

Ever since I saw that a newspaper article talking about Miss Desserts proudly hung on the outside window, I knew I had to check them out. Situated right beside the famous Cupcakes by Sonja, Miss Desserts had serious competition. It wouldn’t be a surprise if most people that walk into Miss Desserts are people who wanted to get Sonja’s cupcakes but are turned off by the long line. Will they disappoint or will they give you that orgasmic sugar rush that will surely make you return for more?

Miss Desserts @ Serendra

Upon walking inside the pastry shop, we were greeted by a friendly staff. We headed straight for the dessert display to check out the desserts. It was apparent that cheesecakes were their specialty so we ordered one White Macadamia cheesecake (Php. 120) and one Belgian Choco Chips cheesecake (Php. 90). Ever the chocolate-lover, I got myself a Fantasia slice (Php. 130).

The shop was pretty quaint. It had a nice ambiance and I must say, their product shots are mouth-watering. On each table, Miss Desserts had one or two mini standees with an image of one of their desserts. Very good photography because as soon as we saw one called Earthquake cake we wanted to have it. But since we were watching our diet (HAHA!), we just decided to take note and order it next time.

Our desserts arrived in less than ten minutes. The staff was very courteous and polite. By this time, people were coming in the shop. Hearing their conversations (yes, I am a snoop!), it was apparent that they’re returning visitors. I heard someone recommend the Earthquake cake and was really tempted to order again but I decided against it (diet diet.. ahem ahem!).

Without further adieu, here are the desserts:

L-R: White Macadamia, Belgian Choco Chips, Fantasia

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These are absolutely delish.

The White Macadamia may seem pretty plain but the cheesecake was actually great. Firm yet smooth, every bite was yummy. If you’re looking for the macadamia, you’ll find it on the crust. Officemate was pretty excited to take a bite that, I wasn’t quick enough to stop her so I could take a picture. For Php.120, I would have to say that I’d still pick another dessert over this. I’m not a fan of plain-but-yummy.

Belgian Choco Chips was more to my liking than the White Macadamia. The cheesecake wasn’t as firm but I liked the chocolate chips on top. The chips aren’t your ordinary grocery chips… they melt in your mouth. After one bite I wanted to savor the chocolate chips but found them melting in my mouth. Damn. Makes you wanna keep on eating it. Not bad for Php.90.

Alas.. my Fantasia slice. I don’t really eat nuts but since it looked soooFantasia chocolatey I made an exception for this one. The top crust was pretty nutty but what I like about it is that they used walnuts and if there was one type of nut that I’d eat, it was walnuts. Fantasia wasn’t a cake.. it was more like a pie. It sliced smoothly as I delved into it with my fork. Chocolatey with the right amount of nuts. I LOVED IT.

Overall, I’d say we’d be coming back for more (probably this week!). We will definitely try the Earthquake cake. The staff was friendly and very efficient. I just wished they made suggestions or told us of their best sellers (We came in there knowing nothing and just picked out the pretty desserts hehe). The price is a bit expensive for something so small since I think Miss Desserts will have serious competition when it comes to desserts—Conti’s has big cakes at reasonable prices, Sonja has a wide selection of cupcakes with varied prices and there are a lot of other stores in Serendra with really good desserts. In any case, I’d pick Miss Desserts over Sonja’s for now. I’m not a big cupcake fan, the only thing I love about her cupcakes is the oh-so-yummy icing/frosting on top. Anyway, I love Miss Desserts, can’t wait to try out their other selections. The only thing I found disconcerting was the pipe-in music. They were playing club music – Missy Elliot! Pretty weird.