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As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go to Sagada. Back in college it was probably because I heard they had marijuana plantations but as I matured grew older, my interest turned to spelunking, seeing the terraces, and just enjoying nature. Add to the fact that I’m a total camera whore now… all the pictures I’ve seen are amazing and I’m itching to see those picturesque views myself.

It’s been years and I haven’t been able to go to Sagada because my friends are soooo corny. I’m probably the only one willing to go through an ass-numbing bus ride to a rural town. My family was supposed to go last December but since we had three kids (6, 7, and 9 year olds) along, it wasn’t such a good idea. Damn. I was willing to leave the kids in Baguio!

Thank God I finally found a kindred soul who’s as excited as I am in taking a ten-hour bus ride, sleeping in rural transient houses, spelunking in ice-cold water, in a town where everybody walks.

I am totally psyched.

Tentative number of people in trip: 4
Me, my brother Bryan, Maggie, plus one.

Departure to : April 27, 2007, Friday
ETD to Bontoc: 8PM via Cable Tours (0920-215-3445 – make sure to reserve your ticket or buy early because there’s only ONE trip per day.. er.. night). The terminal is located across Trinity College at E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., QC. What’s great about taking this direct-to-Botoc ride is that the bus makes a stopover at Banaue and the grotto. The ride is faster and you don’t get to miss out on the great views plus, there’s plenty of time for camera-whoring!

Bontoc to Sagada:
Take Jeep/Shuttle (Php. 30-35) for 25-40 minutes

ETA Sagada: 12NN

I’ve heard great stuff from people regarding church-run transient place called St. Joseph’s Inn (0918-5595934). Too bad they don’t have a website. I made a reservation for a small cottage with private bath good for 4 people – Php. 1,500 per night. Not bad actually. If you’re interested in just staying at the dorm-type rooms, Php.200 per person is the cheapest.

My first choice was George’s Guest House but they were already fully booked when I emailed the owner Mr. Tauli this morning. They have soooo many good feedbacks because of their great service that I guess everyone called them first. If you’re planning on going to Sagada, I suggest you call the minute you’re sure that you’re going.

Another place we’re looking at is the Mapiya-aw Pension House (0921-3900560). I haven’t seen any interesting pictures online but I read something about them having really nice rock formations and beautiful garden surroundings. They’re pretty close to the Kiltepan Tower which was said to have the best view in Sagada rice terraces according to Sagada guide Gareth. Rates for a room for four people is Php.800 but with a common CR. To have a private CR, you can get two rooms (good for two for each room) with the CR in between. The CR connects both rooms. Each room would then cost Php. 1,250 x 2 = Php.2,500. More expensive than St. Joseph and its a bit farther from the town proper (15-20 minute walk). I’m pretty okay with the Php.800 rate actually… we’ll see.

Oh I’m sooo excited. I found a Sagada Map online here so if you’re planning your own Sagada trip, I suggest you look at the map. You can easily plan your itinerary and google for places that you’re interested in.

Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

Shout out to friends: if you’re interested in going with us, email me! The more the merrier (and the cheaper!). Hehe.